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ENOC VULCAN 990X EXLD10W40 CK-4 M3477 20 L



ENOC VULCAN 990X EXLD is the latest API CK-4 performance heavy duty diesel engine oil. utilizing an advanced detergent synthetic technology (TBN Shield Formula) for long drain intervals

Leading features

  •  Meets the latest & most advanced heavy duty diesel specification API CK-4 along with latest global OEM specifications making it truly multi-fleet product.
  •  designed to deliver extended drain capabilities without compromising on engine durability leading to savings to fleet customers.
  •  ENOC Vulcan 990X EXLD 10W-40 has class leading TBN retention properties ensuring:
  •  Long trans-border journeys with no fuel derived issues o Fleet management confidence over long drain intervals o
  •  ENOC Vulcan EXLD 10W-40 delivers long drain however with no compromise on:
  •  Engine deposit control o Oil thickening protection
  •  Corrosive wear control protection

Long Drain Intervals

Cost of Ownership


  •  Suitable for heavy and light duty commercial vehicles meeting latest global emissions standards as well as older fleet vehicles.
  •  Suitable for Agricultural, mining and construction vehicles meeting EU stage IIIA, IIIB and IV and US Tier 4 emissions standards as well as older generation equipment.



EXLD meets    and exceeds the following International specifications:

API                           CK-4                                            MB Approval      228.51                                 Detroit Diesel             93K218

Caterpillar                 ECF-3                                           MTU                 Type 3.1

ACEA                        E6, E7, E9                                     MACK               EO-O PP

MAN                         M3477                                          JASO                 DH-2

Volvo                        VDS-4                                          Deutz                DQC IV-10 LA

Renault Trucks           RVI RLD-3                                    Cummins           CES 20081