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ENOC VULCAN 770X 15W40 CI-4/SL M3275 209 L


ENOC VULCAN 770X is a Super High Performance long drain diesel engine oil meeting the latest API CI-4 standard available in a shear stable viscosity grade. This lubricant has been developed as a long life oil meeting Mercedes Benz 228.3 and Volvo VDS-3 long oil drain specifications. VULCAN 770X offers the excellent performance for fleet operators wanting long engine life in modern long haul diesel trucks operating with low emission engine standards meeting Euro 4 and for extended drain periods. The product is manufactured with mineral base API approved base oils and imparted with chemical additives qualifying API CI-4/ SL.


  •  Mixed fleets of automotive diesel truck manufacturers
  •  Modern low emission high performance automotive diesel engines - Euro 4
  •  All vehicle makes used in long distance transport with extended oil drain cpabilities
  •  Heavy duty Mobile Plant vehicles
  •  Diesel generator sets


VULCAN 770X meets and exceeds the following OEM and International Specifications:

API                                         CI-4/SL                            Renault                         RVI RLD/RLD-2

ACEA                                      E7                                    Cummins                      20076/20077 and 20078

Mercedes Benz                        228.3                                MAN                             M 3275

Volvo                                      VDS-3                               Caterpillar                     ECF- 2

MACK                                      EO-N                                 MTU                             Type 2

Global                                     DHD-1                               Deutz                            DQC III-10

Detroit                                    Diesel                                DDC                              93K215

Always follow equipment manufacturer's recommendations for required lubricant performance levels and oil drain intervals.



VULCAN 770X provides:

  •  Excellent engine cleanliness through advanced soot handling technology
  •  Mixed fleet capabilities
  •  Exceptional low engine wear
  •  Trouble free operation between long drain service intervals
  •  Reduced maintenance capabilities