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ENOC VULCAN 550X CF-4 15W40 20 L



       ENOC VULCAN 550X  are high performance multi-grade engine oils for use in heavy & light duty diesel engines. They are available in SAE 15W- 40, 20W- 50         viscosity grade and has been developed at API service classification CF-4 specification. They are suitable for mixed fleet operations where European, US and             Japanese heavy and light duty trucks are used. The total base number provides stable alkalinity reserve necessary to give excellent engine protection


  •  High speed diesel engines in offshore marine service (e.g. ferries, fishing boats, etc..)
  •  Heavy earth moving equipment used in the construction industry
  •  Long distance coach operations
  •  Mixed fleets of diesel engines
  •  Agricultural tractors
  •  Stationary power generation units using high speed diesel engines
  •  Extended oil drain capabilities


      VULCAN 550X meets and exceeds the following OEM and International specifications:

      API         CF-4

      Always follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for required lubricant performance levels and oil drain intervals.


      VULCAN 550X provides:

  •  Optimum oil drain intervals
  •  Excellent engine deposit control
  •  Helps reduces fleet maintenance costs
  •  Excellent control of oxidation and oil thickening
  •  Neutralisation of corrosive acids


Technical Data*
SAE Grade 15W-40 20W-50
Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D445, mm2/s    
mm2/s @ 400C 110 168.5
mm2/s @1000C 14.7 18.9
Viscosity Index, ASTM D2270 138 127
Flash Point, COC, ASTM D92, 0C 228 240
Pour Point, ASTM D97 0C -30 -27
BN No., ASTM D2896, mg KOH/g 8.5 8.5
Sulphated Ash, ASTM D874, m% 1.16 1.16
Product code 200010 200033
*The information prepared provides the typical properties that are considered as representative. Some variation which will not affect performance is possible



The information on this product is available in the ENOC Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as a guide to the precautions and safe handling of this

product and its disposal. For further information we recommend you review the MSDS. Handled correctly there are no special precautions suggested.