ENOC - Emirates National Oil


 ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) belongs to the Government of the Dubai Emirate. The headquarters of the apartment of this global energy group is located in Diby (UAE), manages more than 30 subsidiaries and joint ventures. The company's divisions occupy leading position in the production and sales of aviation fuel, chemical products and lubricants. Companies belong to the most modern networks of filling stations in the Middle East. ENOC offers a wide range of products that meet customer requirements in many industries and markets in both the UAE and the Middle Eastern Region. Covering control, operations and sales of products such as reactive fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (CIS), lubricants, bulk fuel and alternative fuel, such as compressed natural gas (CNG). ENOC seeks to provide high quality products by adhering to all international safety and quality standards. Products are regularly tested and certified by international auditors of quality standards with constant controls within the company, providing coherence and maintenance of standards, and products are supported by comprehensive after-sales service and team qualified, experienced employees. ENOC also owns a repository of five million barrels in Jebel-Ali. This object works around the clock in accordance with the most stringent international standards of security and quality, ensuring compliance or excess of all modern requirements. Thanks to the international presence in the Middle East, in Asia, Africa and the CIS countries, the ENOC marketing business segment has several key auxiliary operations that cover aviation fuel, gas distribution, production and dissemination of lubricants